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our people.

Tinkertorium was founded in 2008 to service companies with an array of services like branding and brand building, design and UX of web apps, brand marketing strategy. We have experience working with giant corporations but also alongside smaller businesses. We love creating effective brand messages, campaigns and collaterals, helping to shape brands, and seeing our clients excel. 

Tinkertorium’s diverse team comes from a strong creative and marketing background. We hail predominantly from South East Asia, with headquarters in the Lion City.


Ray is always a man with a plan. He is an agile individual in client-facing and business development; he straps you in for a smooth ride through even the most challenging project.

Anaiz Majid

For short, nicknamed ‘Nez’, he is nothing short of excellent account management. From managing events to digital strategies, he is the vital link between your ideas and them coming to fruition.

Eugene Seet

With experience spanning a decade in marketing. Eugene has conceptualised and executed strategies in e-commerce and marketing for some of the biggest industry names. 

Juan Coleman

Juan is an accomplished creative director based in London, UK. He serves as an advisory member to our Singapore team, helping us lead the way with new ideas.


Jean is Tinkertoriums lead engagement strategist. With many years of cross-brand experience and a strong focus on community. She also has experience with music and live events.