Blueair - Sweden

We helped Blueair Sweden with their digital transformation-  shaping their online presence, and building a complete e-commerce solution which was rolled out across over 50 countries.

We also helped design the Blueair Friend app that allows consumers to monitor and control their home’s air quality, linking with their air quality monitoring and management hardware. This cross platform application alongside the IoT enabled products won the best in show award at IFA in Berlin.

Besides this, we helped shape their behind-the-scenes system processes including their support and remote administration and helped to shape the complete customer experience allowed Blueair to optimally service their global clients.


Phonetradr gave Tinkertorium the opportunity to truly shape a brand from the ground up. Since this was a startup we started with branding including logo, colours and then worked our way from there, even designing their mascot. 

We helped with designing and developing a cross platform online experience which helped drive business goals, converting clients to brand advocates. Tinkertorium worked closely with the founders to craft a unique yet frictionless experience. 

We also worked on sales tools and comparison tool and various other mechanisms to help drive conversion. 

Tinkertorium also worked on Phonetradr’s Social Marketing campaigns helping to drive the brand into the right hands.


Marshall Consumer Electronics is one of our longest standing clients. We helped them with the technical illustration of their products which was featured on their packaging, marketing and website as well as in all their support documentation.

To date we have finalised the layout and design as well as illustration for support documentation of more than 10 Marshall products as well as some of their affiliate brands. 


Job Flow

Tinkertorium helped Job Flow build their brand from the ground up. First designing their logo and look and feel then working on a cross platform solution with focus on the mobile experience. The app was designed with the user in mind and helped find work in close proximity to your location.